[Touhou] Touhou Yuuen Sekai [東方遊宴世界]

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Touhou Yuuen Sekai
Title : [Touhou] Touhou Yuuen Sekai [東方遊宴世界] (JPN) Download

Game Information
Japanese Title : 東方遊宴世界
Chinese Title :
Publisher : 激辛spice
Developer : 激辛spice
Genre : Action Game
Version : Japan
Size : 384.31MB
Avilable On : PC
Players : 1
Realease Date : 2009
Official Website : http://spice.rash.jp/spice/

System Requirements :
OS : Windows XP/Vista
CPU : Pentium III 1GHz or higher
Memory : 256MB or higher
HDD : 500MB
Others : Sound Card, Keyboard and mouse

Preview / Gameplay :

Description / About This Game :
Touhou Yuuen Sekai is an action game, published by Touhou Project and developed by Gekikara spice, which was released in japan in 2009 (C77).

Download :
*Uploaded by Ricky @ http://doujin-games88.blogspot.com
*Do not simply copy and paste the download links to your site. Thank you
*Password/ パスワード : doujin-games88.blogspot.com (if required)

RS (Rapidshare)

MU (Megaupload)


Touhou SASA

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Link DL :

Megaupload Part 1
Megaupload Part 2
Megaupload Part 3

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Touhou Katsugeki Kidan – Dai Ni Maku

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Touhou Dai Undoukai Meddlesome Magician

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Link Download :

Megaupload Part 1
Megaupload Part 2
Megaupload Part 3

Review :

belum ada masih dalam list donlot gw :D.

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(C78) Touhou 12.8 – 妖精大戦争 ~ 東方三月精 ( The Great Fairy Wars )

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akhirnya yg ditunggu tunggu sudah keluar 😀

Touhou 12.8 The Great Fairy Wars, keknya zun uda bosen dengan game danmaku sebelumnya yg terbilang cuman lebih dari cerita, tapi yg ini beda banget, cirno chara yg dibilang baka di setiap PV :)) sekarang beraksi sebagai tokog utama yang menyerang para fairy, dengan bos 3 fairy dan 3 route untuk mengalahkan bos,

di touhou 12.8 ini ada skill cirno yg menarik dimana danmaku bisa di bekuin o_O, hha gw ga nyangka baka bisa hebat juga :))..

nih SS-nya  dari blognya Zun :

yang tertarik nih lik DDL-nya :


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ada apa dengan facebook “trnyt hslny tdk memuaskn..hikzhikz”

July 11, 2010 10 comments

barusan buka facebook ada yg aneh.. pada halaman depan yg biasanya ada tulisan Gratis dan siapa saja bisa bergabung” tapi kok jadi “trnyt hslny tdk memuaskn..hikzhikz

haha ada kemungkinan FB kena virus ato kena hack 😆

hmmm Screen shot nih :


1. Apa ada kemungkinan ini Fake Login ??

– Ini Cuman Analisa Gw aja… pas login koq ga ada fav-icon Facebook yg huruf F itu yah ?? icon yg ada di sebelah URL itu

2. Apa facebook Cari Sensasi

– ini sih mungkin juga 😆

3. Facebook Kena Hack ???

– yang kena hack facebook indonesia apa facebook barat sono nih 😆

bagaimana menurut anda ??

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Breaking Weak CAPTCHA in 26 Lines of Code

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During one of our latest engagements we found a weak CAPTCHA implementation being used in the target Web application. The assessment was being performed on-site, and after identifying this vulnerability we started to talk with the CSO about how easy it would be to break it.


The general consensus of course was “very easy”. The problem was that we were unable to find any good CAPTCHA breaking software that average joe could download and run on his computer; so I spent some minutes creating a simple Python script that returns the CAPTCHA solution for this particular implementation.

Before we dig into the script, lets analyze why this CAPTCHA is weak (might not be obvious for some readers):

  1. The letters are not rotated
  2. All letters have the same height
  3. All letters have the exact same color
  4. The letters are not deformed in any way
  5. The background noise color is the same for the whole image

Now, lets see the code that breaks this CAPTCHA:

from PIL import Image

img = Image.open('input.gif')
img = img.convert("RGBA")

pixdata = img.load()

# Clean the background noise, if color != black, then set to white.
for y in xrange(img.size[1]):
for x in xrange(img.size[0]):
if pixdata[x, y] != (0, 0, 0, 255):
pixdata[x, y] = (255, 255, 255, 255)

img.save("input-black.gif", "GIF")

#   Make the image bigger (needed for OCR)
im_orig = Image.open('input-black.gif')
big = im_orig.resize((116, 56), Image.NEAREST)

ext = ".tif"
big.save("input-NEAREST" + ext)

#   Perform OCR using pytesser library
from pytesser import *
image = Image.open('input-NEAREST.tif')
print image_to_string(image)

This simple script works with ~ 90% of the CAPTCHA images created using this specific implementation. Enjoy!

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